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Qmusica Volume 1 is a compilation Digi-CD available exclusively to members of Qfm and Qmusica.com's Cultural Association (click HERE to join or to find out more about how to become a member). This association will be releasing 6 compilations each year for our members, each compilation will represent the finest New Age Jazz, Soul, Funk, Ambient Chill and Ethnic Grooves from around the world, not forgetting some of the excellent artists based within Spain and the Canary Islands.
Qmusica.com would like to thank each and every artist participating in this project , please don't forget to check out their official websites where you can listen to more music, get information about live gigs and concerts, and purchase their tracks or albums. And if you'd like to help promote these artists, simply click the Facebook Recommend Button below, your FBF's will thank you later for introducing some incredible sophisticated music to their ears!

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# 1 – Four80East – Five by Five   

The opening track for Qmusica Volume 1 comes courtesy of En Route, Four80East’s 4th studio album, released in 2007. The album features Rob DeBoer (Keys, Guitar, Bass, Programming), Tony Grace (Percussion, Programming), Jon Stewart (Sax) and Bryden Baird (Trumpet). Founders Rob and Tony, who also founded the Boomtang Label in the late 90’s, have forged a distinctive Bass driven, electronically enhanced rhythmic sound, a refreshing and original alternative to the Smooth Jazz scene. This track emphasises the futuristic yet retro creativity and electrifying energy which ooze from this group.

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Location – Toronto      Four80East Official Website

# 2 – Venueconnection – Cool Vanilla   

Hailed as Spain’s driving force within the new age Soul movement, Venueconnection have captured worldwide attention for their melodic compositions, which can best be described as Funky Soulful Grooves seasoned with Oriental Spices. The group consists of Ángeles Dorrio (Vocals), Javier del Águila (Guitar, Bass), Fara Álvarez (Sitar), and Sergio Delgado (Keys). The track Cool Vanilla originates from the group’s first full studio album, Madrid Boogie. Their 2nd album is currently in the final editing stages; meanwhile, Madrid Boogie is available directly from the band’s digital store for the very reasonable price of € 5.95.

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Location – Madrid     Venueconnection Official Website

# 3 – Daniel Domenge – Last Summer   

Daniel -“Which track do you want to use for Volume 1”
Qmusica - “Last Summer”
Daniel – “But most radio stations prefer “Smoothjames” or “Influences”
Qmusica – “Sure, they are amazing tracks as well. But Daniel, our station broadcasts from an island in the sun!”

….and so track # 3 was confirmed for this compilation. A mesmerizing arrangement with steel drums, natural flow and, of course, the warm, soothing guitar of Mr Domenge. The entire album, Patchworks, was written and produced by Daniel; other participating maestros include Emmanuel Beer (Hammond B3, Rhodes), Bruno Monard (Drums), Thierry Gautier (Organ) and Reynald Evrard (Additional Drums, Percussion). The author’s take on Last Summer – “Nostalgia at the end of a holiday, Island Ambience, an imaginary place and time…”.

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Location - Marsillargues (South France)     Daniel Domenge Official Website

# 4 – Beselch Rodriguez – No Name Bossa   

Few Jazz heads or musicians worldwide have ever heard of the Timple (pronounced teem - pley), a medium to small sized guitar like instrument, played in the Canary Islands for the last few hundred years or so, and still the main musical instrument played in the traditional folklore arrangements. Beselch taught himself to play the Timple at a very young age and at just 24 years old, had co-written, produced and recorded his first studio album, In-diferente, a fusion of traditional Canarian sounds with Jazz, Bossa and world influences, recorded and mixed at Multitrack Studios, Tenerife. Beselch credits fellow musician Marco del Castillo for much of the creative input for No Name Bossa. Marco also played Electric and Spanish Guitars on the album, joined by Kico Leon (Drums), Sisi del Castillo (Percussion), Carlos Perdomo (Bass, Vocals) and Pablo Díaz (Flute).

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Location – Tenerife, Canary Islands     Beselch Rodriguez Official Website

# 5 – Lemongrass – Streets of Yokohama   

Track#5 on this compilation comes courtesy of Lemongrass Music, one of the finest independent labels in existence today. This instrumental is by Lemongrass (the artist), an incredibly moody, warm atmospheric composition, written and produced by Roland Voss for the 2007 Filmothèque album. In contrast, Lemongrass has also produced some awesome neo-electro-jazz numbers, demonstrating that they will not allow themselves to be categorised. Put some descent cans on, relax and get blown away by the flawless production and audio quality of Streets of Yokohama.

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Location - Espelkamp, Germany     Lemongrass Music Official Website

# 6 – Christophe De Villa – Premiére Classe   

AKA DJ Pitt, Christophe is one of the few artists to have successfully bridged Deep House and Smooth Jazz. Jazz and Soulful, his debut album, embraces Acid Jazz, Soul, Funky Jazz, Smooth Jazz and House. Every track on the album shines with an energy, we chose Premiére Classe, one of the instrumentals, quite simply because of the original, uplifting melody. The album is graced with musicians such as Gabriel Middon (Piano, Keys, Sax), José Rodriguez (Sax), Jérome Bensoussan (Trumpet), The Rodriguez Brothers (Horns), and Christophe on Guitars, Bass and Synths. The vocals are performed by Enois Scroggins, Shanice Williams, Nathalie André, N’Dinga and Marie P, a truly impressive line-up for a debut album!

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Location – Toulouse (South France)     Christophe de Villa Official Website

# 7 – Razl – Groovin’ Ants   

To try to imagine guitarist Razl (AKA Raúl Huelves) in any particular decade is a rather intimidating task. Influenced by 50’s B Movies, 70’s Prog Rock and with a style so original it can only be classified as timeless. He’s eluded the restrictions of time travel, at least in the galaxy of mortal fusion guitarists. Asked by Qmusica.com about the inspiration behind Groovin’ Ants, Razl explained; “I'm a fan of science fiction, especially the series B films of the 50's. I was once contemplating about some of those movies, but my mind began to act up, distorting the characters. It ended with an invasion of ants whose main weapon of destruction was a wonderful groove. The track evolves from a driving drum and bass rhythm, added to by the guitar licks, and finally the voices of the triumphant ants in their new world”. The track originates from Rotonova, Razl’s debut album which is enhanced by the talents of guest musicians Dean Brown (Guitar), Mike Keneally(Guitar), Bryan Beller (Bass), Damian Erskine (Bass) and Charlie Dennard (Keys).

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Location – Madrid     Razl Official Website

# 8 – La Mirada Automatica – Broken Groove   

Yet another absolute gem from the Canary Islands, this track demonstrates the quality of the alternative music scene which is rapidly evolving throughout these islands. Broken Groove can best be described as a new age electro-percussive symphony, written by José Manuel Guillén, featuring Tony Peña (Guitar , Midi Guitar), Juani Cantero (Flute, Keys), produced by Luis de Toro and recorded at Multitrack Studios, Tenerife. La Mirada Automatica provide a mesmerizing stage performance, including video effects and electronic enhancements fused with organic, acoustic instruments and layered vocals.

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Location – Tenerife (Canary Islands)     La Mirada Automatica - MySpace

# 9 – Wayne Jones – Strictly Dan   

One of the funkiest Bass maestros on this planet is currently living and working between Australia and Barcelona, and squeezing in the occasional major Jazz festival in Florida or Tokyo. His second studio album, Saturday Street, demonstrates Wayne’s ability to write and produce Bass driven Jazz-Funk, whilst allowing space and freedom for the co-musicians in this project. Apart from the stunning Bass chops, melodies and riffs which adorn this album, some stunning Sax work appears courtesy of James Sandon. Indeed, a host of top ranking session musicians appear on this album, check out the artist’s official website for the full line-up! We chose the track Strictly Dan for this compilation, the author’s brilliant tribute to one of his mentors.

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Location – Melbourne / Barcelona     Wayne Jones Official Website

# 10 – Five Seasons – Guapo   

Another superb Lemongrass Music production, this time from Five Seasons, brainchild of Lemongrass co-founder Daniel Voss. Guapo is based around warm, Latin percussion rhythms with added flavours of electro-lounge, well suited to our climate, almost describing the Qmusica.com lifestyle. It’s quite amazing what this independent label has achieved in just five years, with over 60 releases and compilations to date. We tip this label to become one of the most influential driving forces within the European alternative music industry this decade.

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Location - Espelkamp, Germany     Lemongrass Music Official Website

# 11 – Mauri Sanchis – Don’t Look So Sad   

This track is taken from Groovewords, the album which Qmusica.com considered the most important release from Spanish territory in 2009. An album which has character, Soul, organic grooves, and above all, a personality of its own. This is one of its tracks which rolls out a distinct retro-sounding feel in both its composition and production, with uplifting lyrics and some great, funky horn riffs. The album includes an incredible line up of guest musicians and vocalists, Don’t Look So Sad features Keysha (Lead Vocal), Karl Frierson (Intro Vocal), Danna Leese 9Rap Vocal), Deveron Patterson / Karen Dominio White (Backing Vocals), Dean Brown (Bass, Guitars), Blas Fernández (Drums), Keith Anderson (Alto, Tenor & Soprano Sax), Roberto Pacheco (Trombone) , Ruben Salvador (Trumpet) and of course, Mauri Sanchis with authentic Hammond, Moog Bass, Rhodes and Wha Clavinet.

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Location – Comunidad Valencia (Spain)     Mauri Sanchis Official Website

# 12 – Alexandra Hampton – 90 West   

A track oozing with ambience and depth to round up Qmusica Volume 1, courtesy of Alexandra Hampton. This young artist recently graduated from the Berkley College of Music, Massachusetts, and also spends time studying in London. Her ability as a producer and engineers shines, though it cannot outshine her natural creative beauty. Alexandra was recently signed to Germany’s Lemongrass Music, and with the label’s policy of positive interactivity between its artists, she is sure to evolve even further. The track chosen, 90 West, is just what you’d expect to hear in the Qmusica.com Sunset Sessions, pure musical therapy.

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Location – Massachusetts / London     Lemongrass Music Official Website

# Bonus Track – Stephen Sherriff – Player’s Groove   

Qmusica Volume 2 will be on release in January 2011. Here’s a taster of what’s to come …… a full bio of this Tenerife based artist plus much more. Expect the unexpected!

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