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About Qfm ...

In 2005, Qfm was launched in El Médano, (Granadilla Costa), Tenerife, with the aim of taking local FM radio, re-inventing it, and then promoting it to a Worldwide audience.

About Tenerife ...

Tenerife is one of the seven volcanic islands which make up the Canary Islands. Geographically located on the western coast of Africa, the islands are politically part of Spain and have multi-cultural society which harmonises with the traditional Canarian culture. The islands enjoy the world's finest climate, with warm Winters, comfortable Summers and year round sunshine. Read more .....
The station is multilingual, with daily music shows presented in Spanish, English, German and Italian. Daily updated local and regional cultural information is broadcast in various languages.

Unique musical content is one of Qfm's key ingredients. Latin Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Acid Jazz, Soul, Bossa Nova, World Grooves, Cool Blues, JazzFunk and Balearic Chill make up the output. Worthy unsigned and independant artists are promoted,and we are not influenced by record labels, hyped charts or music industry manipulation. This format is unique to Qfm, and judging by the positive response, has gained the station an immense amount of respect, as well as succeeding with the convertion to radio of many discerning music lovers, previously disenchanted by the over-commercialised music policies and out of date presentation of mainstream radio.

The Canary Islands have recently gained the title of the World's finest year round tourist destination, and are home to an growing core of cosmopolitan and sophisticated residents, both native to the Islands and immigrants from every continent. Qfm feels proud to have been part of this social transition, albeit in a small way.

Whilst here, check out our "Made In Canarias" series, which are artist profiles of some of these island's finest artists.
And have a look at our Independent Top 40 Charts, which illustrate a small cross section of the huge independent and unsigned artists included within our programs.


Qfm's Cultural Association

Qfm is administered by a fully registered cultural association.

The Asociación Cultural para la Difusión de las Artes y las Músicas de Canarias, registered with the Gobierno de Canarias (G1/S1/16504-10/TF), now operates and administers Qfm 94.3 / 94.6 and www.Qmusica.com as non-profit making entities, aimed at promoting unsigned and independent musicians, art and alternative Canarian Culture.

Whether you reside within the Canary Islands, listen online or have a business, we have a membership package for you, with exclusive releases, discounts and free tickets to concerts and festivals, and much more. Becoming a member is simple. Read more ....


What's Playing on Q?

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Latest Q News ....

Qfm launches its Andoid + iOS Apps

Listen to your favourite grooves anywhere with the Qfm Apps. The app will detect your network, and provide the most suitable stream format. Check out the QR codes at the top of this page, or search for Qfm in your App store.

A few great new shows on Qfm .......

"SoundTraxx" with Mark Stanley is a weekly 2-hour Jazz-Variety radio programme, exploring just about every sub-genre within Jazz. Starting with a bedrock of Smooth Jazz, we add the ideal mix of Jazz ingredients, including R&B, Chill, House, and Soul. Tuesday 21:00H and Sunday 09:00H.

Qfm now pre-installed on iTunes!

In addition to being listed in Microsoft´s Windows Media Guide, you can now listen to Qfm on iTunes. Just select Radio, Jazz, then scroll down and click on Qfm!

Qfm launches it´s AAC plus feed!

This feed is optimised for users with busy WiFi, 3G or 2G connections. At just 48kbps, the bandwidth used is minimal and sound quality is great! You´ll need to use either Winamp or Windows Media Player (updated to latest edition), both players are free.

Qfm's Independent Top 40 Charts

New entries this month from Horndogz, Kulis, Johan Leijonhufvud, Fermin Rivero, Cotton Blues, Wayne Jones, Mister T & Jean Honeymoon, Mariea Antoinette, LP Septet Eliane Amherd, Dustin Lefholz, Azure, Antonio Gómez, Karen Gibson Roc, Tristan ..... Read more ....

Qfm and it's role in supporting unsigned and independent artists

Over 60% of the music you'll hear on Qfm and Qmusica.com is from unsigned or independent artists, keeping the sound fresh and unique.
We believe that many commercial radio stations worldwide worry more about their quarterly profits than their long term credibility. At Qfm, we value the integrity of our listensers, and will continue to seek the best alternative music from each and every continent, whether it is supported by the major record labels or not!

If you would like to submit your own work for airplay on Qfm, follow the link to the right of this page.

Press Reviews

Review Qfm; Online Radio Live - 2010

"To connect with an international audience is a huge responsibility, but by using music from over 100 countries and expanding its horizons beyond smooth jazz, QFM 94.3 is breaking the boundaries that many American radio stations still hide behind."... Read more ....